Welcome to the Web

Threads that Bind is a coalition of authors and artists specializing in things macabre. Monsters? We know monsters. Demons? We got ’em. Criminals of the nastiest sort? Do you have to ask? Here you’ll find the minds who bring you the stories and artwork that have you checking under the bed at night.

The Regulars

CW Hawes – David Lee Summers – Garrett Dennis

Jack Tyler (admin) – Negatrite

Tim Sorrensen – Venus Tyler

Venus Tyler is a young artiste extraordinaire whose work has been featured at the San Diego Comic Con. She designed our cover page and can be contracted for cover and illustration jobs. The drop-dead looks of a cover model — which she is — combined with a quick wit and dry sense of humor make her a delight to know. Stop by and say hello… if you dare!

These are the denizens of Threads that Bind. We expect that more will join the fold periodically. There’s a lot of experience here to be plumbed, so bookmark the site and come back frequently for the latest from great creative minds. We’d love to… have you!

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