David Lee Summers

David Lee Summers is an author, editor and astronomer living somewhere between the western and final frontiers in Southern New Mexico. He is the author of a dozen novels including the vampire novels Dragon’s Fall: Rise of the Scarlet Order Vampires and Vampires of the Scarlet Order. He also imagined the worst possible night at an astronomical observatory as ghosts, a monster from the dawn of time, gangsters, and a killer storm converge in The Astronomer’s Crypt.

Systema Paradoxa published David’s suspenseful cryptid novella Breaking the Code, which tells the story of a skinwalker preventing marines from recruiting Navajo code talkers at the beginning of World War II. He has published more than ninety short stories. His horror stories have appeared in such places as Straight Outta Tombstone from Baen Books, the DeadSteam anthologies edited by Bryce Raffle and Cemetery Dance Magazine.

Much of David’s work has a retrofuturistic vibe and ranges from the Gothic to Steampunk to Weird Western and Beyond. You can get to know David’s range of work better by visiting his homepage at http://www.davidleesummers.com or his blog at https://davidleesummers.wordpress.com