Jack Tyler

I am semi-retired after 64 years at the keyboard. These are the currently available works that enable me to say with great pride, even if less than lofty success, that I am a practitioner of the Craft, and a member of the Exalted Fraternity of Authors:

My on-line nickname has long been “Blimprider.” This is the trilogy that earned it for me.

During my steampunk period, I also placed stories in two anthologies.

I followed this up with a novel of epic fantasy.

Somewhere in the summer of 2022 I shifted my efforts to Kindle’s new way to read, Vella. Available there is a police procedural set during the Cold War and incorporating elements the police aren’t accustomed to dealing with.

I also produced The Akuma Files, a series of novellas about the cases of a supernatural detective agency.

I also run as a sideline an open-ended anthology of stories macabre, horrific, or that simply contain a nasty little twist in the tale.

And that brings me to my current project, a serialized series of novellas — at least that’s the intent — concerning an organization of dedicated professionals and other misfits whose mission it is to defend humanity from interdimensional creatures slipping through thin spots in the barriers. I post episodes every Friday. Join me if you dare for a look into where the monsters of myth and legend may have originated.

Click on any cover for follow-up information. Adventure, cops, or horror, let me be your host.